About Us

We originally sold our design lead greeting card designs in our store at Great Portland Street, however due to the ever increasing overheads we decided to close on the high street, but now some 3 years later we are back selling our lovely cards online only.

We are passionate about greeting cards and believe that the most creative cards usually originate from the minds of designers that are self-employed.

These designs are either self-published or licensed to publishers. We find the smaller publishers have the designs that we love as they focus on niches and they are in tune with current customer trends.

Many of our designs are often not seen in the chain stores on the High Street as they demand large discounts from the publishers, we believe this is unfair and does not help the young designers to work full time on their passion.

We hope you love our designs and it is always good to know that your purchase is helping young designers to flourish.

Thank you for your support.

All at Rhymes with Orange